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Founder & Photographer

I am a wedding and portrait photographer, capturing life's little moments of growth and milestones. I consider myself very fortunate to do what I love the most and be able to work with couples and families. I like to freeze every precious moment, capture feelings, and tell different stories honestly and authentically. 
I was a professional graphic designer, my duties included drawings, collages, and decorations. For ten years I have been learning how to combine colors, build the composition, and edit photographs. Having specialized in Web and Commercial design gave me important knowledge that helped me become a good photographer today. This is also the reason why I love decorating, for each photo session I incorporate small details that create a special atmosphere making pictures more vivid and letting them relive precious moments after year’s time.

– Originally from Ukraine, but has lived in Northern Virginia since 2012.
– I am optimistic and adventurous and happy to travel anywhere to photograph your family's milestones and make you relive them in years.
– I am a mother of two handsome twin boys and a beautiful baby girl.
– I love trying new things, travel, fashion, and all things design. 

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our philosophy

Any wedding is a piece of the story, your story, and it is filled with traditions, as well as reflects your individuality, this special “something”, making you a couple, a new-to-be family. I do believe the key moments should be captures, preserved and carefully collected, so you can look at the pictures and remember the happiest day of your life.

However, the wedding day is not just the story of bride and groom though they are the key figures. There are always thousands of little stories and pieces of the picture behind the Big Events. I consider them to be an important part in the day flow. I can tell from experience that the tiny moments in-between are the fiber, making the relationships the way they are. And catching them is real art. The art I have mastered.

our style

Just be yourself, and we will do the rest

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capturing the moment

I include engagement sessions in all my wedding packs. Although It’s optional, it sees a big difference in working with couples the first time and the second time. During the engagement session, a couple can feel my work and see how I teach them poses. They feel much more comfortable when I work with them the second time during a wedding.

The hardest challenge for a family photographer is to make a man smile naturally. One trick I do is to ask him to say “Whiskey” instead of “Smile”. A genuine smile will appear on his face even if he doesn’t drink.

During a wedding session, I always try to reduce the amount of stress for the newlyweds by becoming their friend to lean on. It’s common that I help a groom to tie a Bowtie, or fix the bride’s hair and makeup. Once I even managed to save a wedding cake.

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