One of the most exciting branches of family photography is, in my opinion, children’s photo sessions. I do consider it to be one of the most joyful experiences for the photographer, for the parents and for the children as well. I am also sure that it is a must - to order a child’s photo shoot at least a couple of times. Children are little not for long, they grow surprisingly fast. So the precious moments can be lost if not stored, captured and kept carefully. Photography allows to get the pictures of the loved ones, to cherish the moments of happiness, to remember the time of being together, of being the family.
My style
If you ask me how I would describe my style, I would say it is unique, natural and artistic. In all my works I aim in catching the personality. It works with the children as well. I would even say, that with children it is the only possible way to work and to create good shots. No matter how small they are, their personality becomes vivid from the first months, so it can and should be pictured. I avoid artificial tricks like asking to say “Cheese” or something of that sort. Not because it is a bad approach, but because I personally consider it to be not appropriate one for children’s photo sessions. The personality should be revealed, not the casual and out-of-date poses. However, I can tell from the experience: picturing children is possible only if you catch the moment. Good shots are always dynamic ones, and as a photographer I do my best to create this eternal movement around, so no posing is needed. Looking at the pictures years from the day of the session you will recall the things you value, the precious moments, the memories about your family and loved ones.
It is absolutely true that time flies fast, much faster than we realize it. With the portraits and shots filled with joy, happiness, and love, you will always have a possibility to recall the best moments. Childhood is a gift of life, and good photography helps to store this gift for years, though in paper only. This is my main goal – to catch the moments worth cherishing years after.
Kids photography
As my approach is based on capturing the personality, during the kid’s photo session I allow them to be as they are and behave as naturally as possible. It allows me to deliver not just natural, but heartfelt pictures. The approach of letting the children be and see the result during the session gives a lot of advantages: we can grab the discovery, excitement and exuberance.
When the weather allows, I try to do the sessions in nature for older children. A studio session is a nice option, but I prefer natural light. However, it is not even close to the most important reason. When the session is taken outdoors, children consider it to be a playtime, not some boring event they are forced to participate in. So the smiles are shining, the eyes are bright and the behavior is, as a rule, much better. It also allows me to grasp the initial, genuine look, to catch the personality, shining brightly.
Toddlers and older children
Surely, they are incredible – so cheerful, joyful, showing pure emotions. No doubt a lot of parents want to have a photo session of their children's birthday to catch this Big Day. It is also a good chance to invite some friends and make the first shots, that will matter for the child, not for the parents.
Helpful tips
Almost all my pieces of advice will be connected, this way or that, to the wardrobe. In the case of kids, the expression “less is more” is the key string, and the outfit should be chosen carefully. The thing is, it can transform the whole look and air of the pictures, so the initial feeling will be cleared.
I would also insist on discussing the outfit beforehand. Being a designer, I carefully chose the props, so they will match with your outfit. A lot of people do not like props, but for the kids’ sessions they are essential. Firstly, they keep a child busy, secondly they help to create a story, and finally we can create more compositions with the props.
Depending on the season location can vary. And each of them has its own rules. For example, a photo session in kindergarten differs from the one in the street. The light, the decorations, even the approximate time of the day – all these things make an impact. However, if you want to have a photo session in kindergarten, do not forget to tell the other parents if they want to participate. And, of course, be in touch with me, as I have to know beforehand how many people will be and coordinate my plans accordingly.
I am located in Washington DC, so I can offer you a lot of nice locations there. But if you like my style and feel that my approach and skills is what you need, are difference in place is not an issue. It is easy to move around the following areas:
Washington DC
Northem Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
So if you want a children's photo session in Washington DC or in one of the areas listed above, you can always contact me via social media or messengers, as well as to write an email. Feel free to contact me in case of any questions.
Thank you!
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