Children’s photography is a unique event. The thing is, when it comes to children, we are limited in time. This time gap when the children need us, when we can hold them on the lap is very short. So children photography is something, that can preserve and store these precious moments.
Why the photographer is needed
As one of my friends said, my grandma had 2-3 pictures during all her life, while today I have up to 20 pictures a day. Someone says that today anyone has a good camera to take some pictures of the kid, why bother hiring a child photographer? The answer is – for experience and set of skills. And that is only a small part of advantages, that working with the photographer can provide.
I work with kids all the time and it allows me to help parents, to give some advice during and before the session and even increase the quality of the shots with some tricks, liked by all children. There is, indeed, a difference in quality when the shots are taken by the person working with children photography on everyday basis. The tricks for entertainment, light scheme, techniques and the special way of interaction become the second nature. Not an instinct, but learnt one. However, my experience allows me to create nice, naturally looking compositions without this air of stiffness. I am always attentive to details, doing my best to be here in the moment to help you to picture the moments of happiness that only children can show.
My approach
As I said, I like working with children. I can tell from the experience, that if you want a child to do what you need, you should provide him some freedom to do what he wants. In this case, firstly, you will get the best shots while these freedom time. Secondly, the child will be willing to cooperate when you need it, the way you need. So my approach is to get as much spontaneous pictures as possible, to let kids to be kids. It is the most precious - those pure emotions, not in the protocol, I would say. That is why I use fun elements. Surely they differ depending on the age. But at the same time I do believe that a god portrait – it is not just a smile. Kids are human beings, first of all, little people, so for me critically important is to catch his or her personality. Any child is special and believe you or not, their inner self and personality is noticeable from the first months. Kid’s photography is a good way to catch it and show.
In general I consider each picture a piece of art of it’s own, and child photography is not an exception. The concept of “boring” and “casual” photo session does not exist for me. Basically, when we are talking about the kids it simply can not exist.
My way of work is rather relaxed and calm, I prefer not to rush during the session. The kid knows better, which speed of session is the best for him. Children can get bored, get tired or have meltdowns from time to time. And it is absolutely normal. I am ready for that and always have an idea I hand how to solve it and help the child to have fun instead of the stress.
I usually mess around and continue searching for the best pictures even when we have a break, as far children open up more in non-formal, seems-to-be spontaneous situations, especially if they think that they are not watched.
Some piece of advise
If you want to order a child photographer, you need to know some basic rules for the parents. Following them will help to get really nice and sweet pictures. I am attentive to details as far it helps to avoid occasional issues. One of the most important part is the outfit. It is different for any age.
Kids up to 6 months: bare belly, nappy, some favorite toys will be enough
Toddlers and older children: more is less, so the best approach here is to use classic suits with minimum or none blinking and shining elements
Siblings: choose different, but matching outfit, not trying to copy each other.
So before you order a child’s photography make sure you have the appropriate closing and all the stuff you need will be in hand. A child’s favorite toy is an absolute must-have. It will help to calm down, to amuse and get rid of the stress that might appear.
I would also advise to have a favorite snack and a bottle of water or juice in bag. Depending on the child’s mood the session can be longer as it was scheduled, and it is normal as well. Please keep in mind that the sessions for newborns are in general longer than parents expect. The little ones need to be fed, nursed or looking for the parents’ love and attention when they feel need to, not when we, grown-ups, schedule them.
I locate in Washington DC, but as I always say, there’s no issue in travelling around. I can easily move if you live in the areas listed below:
Washington DC
Northem Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
So feel free to contact me even if you are not in Washington DC. I am always ready to discuss all the details before the session, to answer all the questions and provide some useful information. Do not hesitate to write me in social media as well. if you need a child photographer in Washington DC. I check my accounts a couple of times a day, however my phone is always turned, so I will see your message no matter what.
Thank you!
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