You know what is the best part in family photo session? The fact that years after you will be able to refresh happy memories, cherish the joy and share the warmth of your heart with the ones you love.
The essence of family photo session
However, if the family decides to order a family photo session, it means they are about doing some great stuff together. Being together, having the events shared, having common ground and memories, is the essence of creating this “family” air. With the family portraits taken you will receive a precious opportunity to cherish the memories and the presence of the loved ones. And this is just one reason why a photo session for the family should be taken. When the memories are flying back, when they are shared and remembered, you get this feeling of belonging to something big, caring and loving. Personally I do love taking family photo sessions and do consider them to be beautiful, each and any. But they have a special value. What can be better than to look through the album or even a set of pictures on the laptop and recall the memories shared with each other, or discuss something, that only you know? I think, these moments are priceless.
My aim and approach
A photographer’s aim here is to provide the opportunity for any family member to glow, to be the nail point and at the same time to remain the part of something bigger. And from this perspective an important understanding comes – the pictures should show not just the individuality of the person, but his or her connections and bounds with the other family members. While working I always keep this in mind and try to create something, uniting all the shots. So one of the moments you should think about when you decide to order a family photographer is their approach to the session in general. It is critically important for these kinds of shots as to look like a whole thing as much as they can, not just a set of different pictures with people, having no connection with each other. As I said before, I do consider the connection the essential and do my best as a photographer to highlight or even create this connection if needed.
There’s no “bad” location
Depending on your preferences, we can make a family photo session in lots of locations, it is up to you where to work. Each of the options has its own advantages and strong points, so I can only give the common pieces of advice here. The only reason why the location can be bad is when the people are blue or there’s no mood. But even in this case there’s always a way out.
Talking about locations I would like to start with the most popular one. A family photo session in nature is something I would advise in case you have no experience or if it is a family photo shot with children. It is not that easy for the photographer to work, but nature allows to depict much more precious, “as if” accidental shots of love, care and support.
I always try to use the environment, so if clients live in a big city and love it, we can organize a photo session on the street or in the nearby park. It works fine, especially if the session is taking place in a location important for the participants. It creates an additional layer of memories and serves our mail aim perfectly.
In the summer it is always a good idea to have a session at sea. Waves, sand, joy and happiness – what else is needed?
However, if you want to have a family photo session in Washington DC, we can make it in the studio. It depends on the client only, so if your dream has always been this kind of activity or if you want to make the session even more exciting for the relatives, the studio is a good option.
I am always open to suggestions and if you prefer some other locations, it can always be discussed. I easily move within the following list of areas:
Washington DC
Northem Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
If you want a family photo session but not sure which location to choose or have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I am here for you and for your questions. Let’s store the memories together!
Thank you!
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