Family photography is, frankly speaking, one of the most complicated kinds of photography, including lots of branches. And I love it! For me any kind of family photography is not just a set of shots. It is pure magic of storing the precious moments, the magic of capturing the life, flowing here, around you. And as a photographer I like to be a part of this magic. You can see it in my pictures. I love what I do and it is mutual.
Whenever you order a family photographer, you have a set of expectations of how it will all be. But from experience I can say that even my own expectations regarding this, a family session almost never matches with the way the sessions go in reality. And it is another moment I love about my job – you will never be bored. When it comes to family photography and working with people boredom is not the word. And I strongly believe that it is my approach that helps me to create the shots of quality, avoiding boredom and artificial stiffness.
A few words about my approach
As I said, I do believe that my approach as a family photographer is the key reason why there’s no term such as “a boring photo session” for me. Especially when it comes to the family shots. Depending on the clients’ requests I can use different tactics, but they all have an important point in common – there will be no boredom, no artificial posing, no tension. I always try to be relaxed and transfer this relaxed attitude and air to my clients. I can tell you for sure: a single tense person or a person with moods in power can change and transform the whole session. And I don’t mean for the better. So in addition I always monitor and check if everything is fine, trying to prevent any unexpected cases if possible.
I consider my work to be somewhere around almost invisible, always ready to assist, to help, to solve any possible issue. Being just around during the family sessions is a useful approach, especially when there are a lot of kids. Even one tiny human being can shift the scenario and add a lot of fun in the flow of the day. And it is awesome.
Family photos should bottle up the moments, they should be a way of cherishing the memories, to store the most precious – the warmth of the hearts you love most. If you can take an album and look through the pictures years after the events, if you feel the sweet joy – it means my work as a photographer was done properly.
That is why I am always here, always attentive to the details and to the mildest changes in the mood of my clients. It can be amazing how some kind words, when they are needed, can literally save the whole day and restore peace around. When you are working with me, do not worry about the atmosphere – I will do my best to keep it warm and friendly enough to get good pictures.
Helpful tips and tricks
Family photo sessions can be the most incredible and pleasant experience in life. But it is possible only if all the conditions are followed. And the most important is – mutual warmth and love. Good mood, sparkling smiles, joy and happiness is the key. But other elements should not be underestimated. For example, clothing. It is surprisingly important when it comes to composition. Especially when there’s no artificial posing or something like that. As far as I try to avoid any stiffness and tension appearing during the posing, matching clothing becomes an important point. I advise to use something casual, not super-fancy and, of course, with minimum of sparkling and glittering elements. They make not just my work more difficult. I am a professional family photographer and I can cope with it, no problem. But these elements spoil the pictures, the composition. So I ask all my clients to use my favorite rule while choosing the outfit – “More is less”.
Also please note that the same color scheme, at least more or less similar, makes the pictures look finished, look like a whole, not some separately put images. It is not a must, but the pictures when everyone is dressed in more or less matching colors look better. This is critically important for families with children. Whether we want it or not, a kid will be the center of the session, even if it was a family photography from the start. It is simply how it works. I do understand that sometimes there’s no opportunity to get clothing of matching colors for the whole family. In this case try at least find something matching to the kid’s outfit. One of the win-win options – just white t-shirt and jeans. Or some light-colored top clothing with jeans and sneakers. It always looks nice and is easy to get.
In case there are siblings I usually ask them not to use similar or even the same outfit. I know some of them like this trick and we can do a couple of shots like that the key word here is – “couple”. Matching, but to the same clothes will do much better and show the personality of each, not just the similarity.
Nothing is impossible
I live and work mostly in Washington DC. There are my favorite spots and places, I literally know any rock there and can offer you the best locations in case you want to order family photography outdoors. As a family photographer in Washington DC I can tell you that here are the best spots and if the weather permits, outside sessions are always the best.
Still if you like my style and feel that me and my work is something you need, do not hesitate to contact me. Even if you live not in Washington DC. I am an easy going person, ready for adventures. And to move somewhere is a huge adventure. SO I can easily go to the following areas:
Washington DC
Northem Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
The distance is not such a big issue. I am always online, ready to answer all your questions and give you the profound consultation before the session. As far I like social media and use them in work you can contact me or write all your questions and requests in messenger. If it is work time I will reply. As a rule, I do my best to reply within 24 hours.
Thank you!
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