If you ask any successful person working in food business what is the key point in marketing strategy is, they will tell you, that it is the quality of the pictures. Or, in other words, good content. It is 100% true, especially if you are distributing your services via Instagram. Is it possible to make good shots yourself? Yes. But only a professional food photographer can make not just good shots, but selling shots, the ones that increase your sales and income.
When the food photographer is needed
However, it is not the only reason to order a photo session of food. You need shots of this kind for updating your offline business as well. The easiest and most obvious example – menus, ads in magazines and on billboards, and that’s not even mentioning marketing channels, such as email messaging or signs, as well as redesigning your website in case you have one.
In most cases I double check and ask my clients, who will be in charge of styling the dishes and where the session will take place. It helps me not just to determine the way the session goes and concentrate on the process, but select the best and most appropriate tools. Light, the space itself, and the styling are all important. In case you don’t know how to style the food or are not sure whether it will look nice in the picture, I will assist.
Save your time and money with a professional
Today a lot of people do not trust food photography, considering it to be a waste of time, money and nerves. This view is a wrong, irrelevant approach from the very beginning. There is a general idea among the people that a beginner chef should find a beginner photographer to start working. Why does this approach not work as you expect it to? The main reason is that an experienced photographer knows how to make a perfect picture even out of not-that-perfect food. He can also help to avoid the common mistakes that a beginner-chef usually makes. It turns out to be a good idea to hire an experienced photographer, as in the end you will get good pictures and it will save your time and money altogether.
So even if you have not had a very pleasant experience with a food photographer before, it shouldn’t be the obstacle that makes you avoid them in the future. Being a designer and a photographer, I can tell you for sure – there are some cases, where we need to trust professionals. I have worked in the field of food photography long enough to say that a good photographer does make a change when it comes to creating not just awesome food, but awesome pictures as well.
Aim and approach
My aim is to make the experience of our co-working as pleasant as possible, and this goes not just with the wedding sessions or the family ones. There is always a person behind any dish, any work, any piece of art. And I, as a photographer, will do my best to depict not just the bare set of dishes, but to reflect the personality of the chef. If you need a food photo session but do not know where to start, or are just about starting in the food business, I would advise you to have a talk before the session, so we can find the best strategy, design tips,mand ideas, which will be the most appropriate for you and will fit the goals you have in mind.
I truly am proud of the way I do my work and my level of customer care. The reason why I pay a lot of attention to that is because of my history not just as a photographer, but as a customer as well. I always put myself into the person’s shoes, trying to figure out how I would like to get the photo session, the services, and the customer care.
My style and approach is customer-friendly, and this comes not just in cases of wedding or portrait photography. I do know how much harm the tension can cause, so I always try to make it all as easy as possible, even if it is a food photo session. This, I believe, is the core reason of my clients’ reviews and gratitude.
As a photographer, I have developed my own rules and algorithms and how the photo session should and will go. Because of this the customers are guided and instructed from the very beginning. This work pattern allows me to hit one of the most important goals – to make as many shots as possible in a little time gap. So if you are looking for an organized and structured cooperation, which still remains pretty relaxed, I know how to achieve it.
Not in Washington DC? It’s totally fine!
I am an easy going person and it is not a problem for me to move around in case you are located in the following areas:
Washington DC
Northern Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
I offer services for business owners as well as for those eager to start their own way in the business world. The pictures are more than just words, however people today stop believing words in Internet and social media, and instead they trust the things they see and feel. So if you want to get the customers’ trust, the only way for that is to provide high-quality pictures of your product. And here is where food photography comes in handy. If you want to order a food photographer around Washington DC, you are at the right place.
Improve the quality of shots with the pre-session
Another point which I would like to cover is the importance of the meeting before the session itself. Yes, food photography is not that human-centered, and in fact, it is not human-centered at all. But it does not mean that we can skip this step and consider communication between the photographer and the customer to be a matter of no importance. The reason is clear – there is, in fact, a person here, and it is the chef, the one, who will be in charge of decoration. The pre-meeting is needed to reduce the amount of stress during the photo session, so everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed. I can tell from experience that no matter what the topic of the session will be, even if it is food photography, the shots are better if a pre-session was done.
From my side I try to help the client not just to get good pictures as a result of my work, but also to create a warm and friendly atmosphere around. That is the approach I use and the pattern I follow. And as the practice shows, it gives my clients a lot of advantages.
Thank you!
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