According to the latest statistics, there are more than half a million people joining Instagram every day. Can you imagine the number of your potential clients there are? As far Instagram is so widely used and popular, it is quite natural to use it as a marketplace for your services and goods. But there is one significant point that can cost you a lot of lost time and money. Instagram is oriented on the visual content. People go there for nice pictures, for beauty, for luxury. Did you know that the highest selling rate of the goods in luxury price segment is on Instagram? Now you do. It means that the people there are demanding to the quality of the content they consume. And here comes what you need if you want to conduct business there or have a popular account with lots of followers – an Instagram photographer.
Why you need an Instagram photographer for your account
Technically Instagram was designed as a place where people can post pictures taken by themselves at any time, providing the impression of being  online all the time, sharing their life experiences with followers. But the time when anyone can take a simple smartphone, make a couple of pictures and gain lots of new followers has passed. This era ended a couple of years ago and now a new approach is required if you want to be a successful Insta-person. As I have mentioned, the Instagram community is demanding and eager to luxury and high quality goods and services. So to keep people involved in what you do, you should provide them the content above the average level. And this “average” level still consists of people taking pictures on their own without appropriate skills. So if you want to become an outstanding one you need to make Instagram photo sessions at least from time to time and post the pictures in your account.
Answering one of the most common questions, I would like to mention that you can of course continue working as you have been doing before if you have profit good enough but the thing is that in case with internet marketing if you want to stay at the same point as you are you have to move fast. If you want to move forward, you have to run faster, then your rivals do. Because if you stop for a moment you will be left behind very quickly and will have to put all your efforts not on staying ahead of the others but just to reach the average level you had before. That is why it is a good idea to order the photographer for Instagram.
One of the biggest secrets that anyone knows
Now I am about to tell you one of the biggest Instagram secrets. The one everybody knows but pretends it does not exist. The one, which can help to burst the popularity of your account in days. The one, insuring most of the Instagram bloggers income. Ready? All successful celebrities made Instagram photo sessions a part of their everyday routine. Sometimes they do shots for a certain period of time. Do you really think that those perfectly lit and designed pictures of “morning coffee with my kid” are made on the average smartphone by a person without any photography skills? Of course not, as these pictures show A LOT of skills involved. The skill, which is impossible to develop in a week or two.
What you get by hiring a photographer for your Instagram
I have mentioned before that for most people it is not clear why to hire a photographer, but I do believe you differ from them and know that a good quality of the content is the key. They say, content is the king. Nevertheless, I would like to point out some obvious and not that obvious pros of such a decision.
You hire the skills first. When starting working with a photographer, you're not a person with a good camera, after all, a camera can be easily bought anytime, you hire, first and foremost, the skills of working in Instagram format. I have been working with celebs for a pretty long time and I can say from experience that skill matters. You hire a person, knowing how to make not just nice or good pictures, but the outstanding ones. Because only a photographer with experience knows the composition rules, the light schemes and a lot of technical pieces an average person cannot even imagine.
You burst out the income. In spite of the fact that the price of a session with Instagram photographer can seem unreasonably high I always remind my clients that they are doing the session to get income, and as in everything you should invest first if you want to develop your business. And that is why I do insist considering collaboration with a photographer as an investment that will bring you more income in the future.
You hire time. Surprised? Don’t be. A photographer is really a person with a camera. It is an additional pair of hands to perform the tasks and assist. As a photographer I always implement assistance while working on Instagram projects or any other ones as far I do understand that the amount of work you do while preparing for the event is tremendous. So you can also see an Instagram photographer as one, taking at least one task form you and performing it, and now I am talking about taking pictures. It does not seem such a big piece of work until you start doing all on your own. By hiring a photographer, you can concentrate on self-presentation of presentation of your goods and services, letting your brain rest a bit and do not bother about a nice picture.
How to choose a good photographer
It is clear that for success, the quality of the shots depends a lot. I would even say that almost everything depends on it, so one of the most common questions is how to find a good Instagram photographer. Rates can vary but my advice would be to look at the pictures at the portfolio and works of any single photographer to check if you like the shots they do, if their approach to work is what you need for your product.
As a photographer with substantial experience I can say that one of the most common mistakes, apart from not working with a photographer at all is to choose one without looking at the portfolio. And surely you have your own mindset of how everything should be. You can at least grab the common understanding of the photographer philosophy looking through the portfolio. If you like what you see, then everything is fine. But if you did not look through the portfolio, having trusted some of your friends who liked how this or that photographer works, there’s a chance that you will not like what you will see in the end simply because it does not match to your mindset.
Any location you wish
I always tell my clients that I prefer to know and discuss the details in advance, as I am an easy going person but even I like to know what to expect. I do understand that for some of your projects or to fulfill some of your ideas you might like to choose some other location than Washington DC. Yes, I call myself an Instagram photographer from Washington DC and most of my clients are located there but I am open to suggestions and work in other locations as well:
Washington DC
Northern Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
It is an estimated list so if you want to have an Instagram photo session somewhere else, please feel free to contact me. I am almost always online so if you write me in social media I will reply within a day. In case any questions appear you can also write me and I will reply to all of them as soon as I have spare time.
Thank you!
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