There’s a time in a woman’s life when everything is special. The world begins centering around one place, in one person. It is, of course, the pregnancy time. Everything changes so fast – mood, body, feelings and emotions. Every day brings something new, something astonishing. First child’s movements, first kicks. So it is quite natural if you decide to have a maternity photo shoot to depict this time, to store it in some way, even though it is impossible to preserve the happening changes.
If you decide to picture your pregnancy, a maternity photo session is exactly what you need. I like working with such projects, since it gives a feeling of being involved in the biggest mystery of the world, to be involved in creating the miracle and to touch the essence of life.
Tips and Tricks
Good mood. I always say that a good mood is the key to good pictures. But in the case of maternity photo session it is one of the key ingredients. The reason is simple – your mood influences not just on one, but on two people at once even if this second one is still a part of you. Believe me, if your kid is in a bad mood he will let you know even if he is in your belly.
Clothing. Basically, it can be any of your choice, but I always ask to tell me in advance if you have any special preferences. For example, fancy clothing for pregnant women, created for the sessions only, look better in the studio and so on. However, the color also matters. I always have some set of ideas in mind for good shots and it is always easier to know in advance which ones I can use and what to expect.
Your state. I know what pregnancy, especially the late stage, means. So in case you do not feel good or all the process becomes too difficult or uncomfortable, do not hesitate to tell me. I always try to make my sessions a pleasant and easy experience for my clients, and maternity photo sessions are not an exception.
Family members. I am absolutely for the presence of the husband or older kids at the session. There are a couple of reasons and the main one is that at the photoshoot a pregnant woman is much calmer with her husband than on her own.
Husband involvement
From my experience, I can say that the daddy’s presence calms down a kid as well. I do not know how it works exactly, but it sure does. Also a lot of men want to be a part of the session and to participate. And I think it is great! Nowadays husbands become an involved part into the parenthood starting from the beginning, and it is definitely a positive change, so it is a very good idea to offer them to participate in the session as well. My clients say that if the father is present during the activities like the connection with a kid are stronger later on. And from my experience I can say that there is truth in it.
My approach and what it means for you
Working as a photographer I have developed a set of my own rules and key principles I follow while working. I would like to go through them a bit just for you to know what to expect and to make your decision easier.
So firstly I always try to avoid any artificial poses and shots. It is not that easy when you are doing photo shoots of pregnant women, as far as the variety of poses and activities is limited to some extent, but there’s always a way, they say.
I also try to assist as much as I can whenever it is needed, so I will always be around. It is one of the best ways to get lively pictures without stiffness.
I always try to avoid rushing and especially panic. It is better to do three pictures less but calm and relaxed than one thousand in a rush. The pictures made in a calm and friendly atmosphere are  always the best ones.
I do not mind pre-discussion, I would say sometimes I insist on it, as it gives me an opportunity to know what to expect and you have a chance to know me and my approach better. So we can discuss the process, what you are expecting from the session, your wishes and, if any, fears. I am not just a photographer; I am a designer as well so if you need any advice I am always here.
Does location matter?
I am an easy going person. In case you want to order a photo shoot of pregnant women and you are not located in Washington DC, no problem, I will come to your place. I understand that it is the only way for us to work together if you like the way I work, my shots and want to see me as your photographer. I work in the following location and can easily move if needed:
Washington DC
Northern Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
So feel free to contact me even if you are not in Washington DC. I can move easily but in this case I would ask you to contact me beforehand so I can coordinate my plans. By the way, I am ready to communication person, so you can find and contact me on social media. I often check them and will reply to your request as well as to all your questions.
You can also just call and we will discuss everything by phone. In case I do not reply, I will give you a call back as soon as I am free, no worries.
Thank you!
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