Children photography is always a special one just because kids are that small for a very, very limited period of time. But there’s one field of photography where time is extremely precious. I am talking about a newborn photo shoot. Yes, every child grows up fast and sometimes it is difficult to catch the changes without taking pictures, especially for the parents. But if we are talking about the newborns we need to realize that every day is a change. That is why I advise not to linger if you decided to order a newborn photo session. Remember, a day of delay costs a lot. I have collected some tips for parents and I do hope they will help in the process of taking pictures, making your experience as pleasant as possible.
Tips and Tricks
Talking about tips and tricks which help to get the best pictures and make the session easier and more relaxing we should always keep in mind that there’s one person who rules – a baby. A newborn is driven by instincts only and this should be taken into account be all participants. So, let’s start.
It’s time for a nap! While having a session with a newborn we all should remember they sleep up to 20 hours a day during their first months. So if a child sleeps, let them be. We can make a lot of amazing pictures with a sleeping baby, but not with an awake one and having his first tantrum out of stress.
Do not rush! I do understand that parents want to cope with the session as soon as possible. But remember what I have written before – the one who decides here is your baby. If the child is not in the mood(believe me, newborns already have the hints of their future self and their moods), do not rush and let him come to normal. It can take time but in the end you will get better shots in a lesser amount of time.
You are good parents! If it is your first kid, you might think you are not good enough, especially if a kid starts crying during the session. Do not be stressed, you are amazing, you are the world for your kid. And my task is to depict it, to catch and show it back to you in my work.
Less is more. It is one of my favorite mottos. Do not try to take all the fancy clothing you have for your kid. A nappy, some band for the girl, tiny gloves protecting the hands, and a diaper will be enough. If it is warm a bare tummy will work just fine too. We are here to have a session of your newborn kid, not a session of fancy clothing. The most important thing is to catch a baby as it is, having just appeared in this world, so small, tiny and determined to explore this big world.
Have a Plan B. Surely, moods and tantrums can happen at any time and there’s no way to avoid them with a 100% success rate. So I always advise parents to have something to distract a kid. In the case with a newborn one, the mom’s hands, a bottle or warm mom’s milk will be enough. In this age eating is the only pleasure for a kid, so provide him what is needed and demanded.
Be relaxed. Kids feel a lot, even if they do not understand completely what is going on. One of the secrets of a successful session and nice pictures is being relaxed and calm to some extent. Your kid will behave better and be calmer when he sees you relaxed and without tension in posture, when he hears your calm and soothing voice. I can tell from the experience – if parents are in a bad mood or there’s tension in the air children have meltdowns much more often than in any other case. In case with a newborn baby this point is critical as far a baby is, so to say, synchronized with his mom and they are connected by the strongest bounds in the world.
A couple of words about my approach
I always say that my approach differs from the casual one and here I would like to tell you how. Firstly, I consider my aim to be catching the natural looks, bare emotions, pure joy with as little artificial posing as possible. In case with a newborn baby it is, technically, the only way to make a session.
The situation differs a bit if you want to have a newborn photo shoot for months. Month after month we will keep track of your child’s development, his or her progress and changes which are so strong, so vivid that you can notice them only if you have a set of pictures.
What about location?
I do understand that in case of a newborn photo shoot when you are not in Washington DC, the only way to make this event happen is for me to travel to your place. It is fine, I am an easy going person, as I always say. I work in the following areas:
Washington DC
Northern Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
To me it would be my pleasure to come to your house, and if you want to picture it and like my approach and how I work, feel free to contact me. I am always online and my phone is turned on. During the day time, of course, but still. You can also write to me on social media, I check them every day and will reply you within 24 hours.
Thank you!
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