Hello! I am Julia Larina –  I am a family and a wedding photographer. I help people make pictures that will let them relive the captured moments many years after it happened.
Why I am good at this?
I  was a  professional graphic designer. My duties included drawings, collages and decorations. For ten years I have been learning how to combine colors, build the composition and edit photographs. Even though I was specializing in Web and commercial design, all of those knowledges are universal and important, they helped me to become a good photographer.
This is also the reason why I love decorating. For each photo session, I choose tasteful props – small details that create a special atmosphere and make pictures more vivid.
What’s the process
To shoot a good picture I have to understand what my customer wants. That’s why each of my photo sessions starts with preparation. We discuss the location, choose outfits and make-up, come up with the hairstyle, and sometimes, even a pedicure. It often occurs that my customers can’t express their ideas with words. In this case, I ask them to send me pictures that they like or don’t like. If there are no ideas at al,l I share my own thoughts with them. There are always a million ideas in my head!
After we agree on a time and the details, we can book a photo session. I take my work, my time  and time of my clients seriously, so the deposit is required in order to book any of my session. I show my customer the sneak peek on the second day, and after one week all the photos are available in an online gallery. Now customers may choose the photos they would like retouched. Retouching can take up to  four-six weeks. After that, I design the photo album and print it. The whole process from day one until the printed album takes up to six months.

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I will be at your service if you are

Bride-to-be and groom-to-be. Weddings are one of my favorite tasks as a photographer. I have worked at many modern weddings and I had so many traditional weddings,  like Chinese weddings with theirs tea ceremonies, Persian weddings with sofreh and traditional dances, Jewish weddings with chair dances and glass breaking, Ethiopian wedding with greet dances with  swords and flowers. I help my client with the poses to make the process easier, and I am good at reportage (documentary) wedding photography.  I am always there to catch the right moment, don’t  want to miss a moment, and that is probably the most important thing in wedding photography.
Looking for Kids and family portraits As a parent myself I know how fast kids grow. Don’t postpone your family photos, make memories annually. I remember, when my older boys were about 6-7 years old they started to ask me to show them more photos of those times when they were little. And what a joy to see their reaction, when they saw their baby photos and their photos with grandparents, ants and ankles. I offer regular family sessions and extended family sessions, I am also have my famous in-studio Christmas sessions with the stylish props and decorations, also every year I do mini-sessions with live little chicks and ducklings for kids only. If you have any ideas for cake smash or Dream Birthday session, I can make it come true. 
New parents or parents-to-be. I am a mother of three children. During my third pregnancy, I tried myself in  maternity and newborn photography. I took pictures of my own bay and of all my friends’ newborns. Thanks to this experience now I know what poses show a pregnant woman in the best way, I know all about safety at the newborn session,  how to take a photo of an infant, without showing the wrinkles, and how to express the child’s character through the picture. Yes, even if the child is only a few months old.
A shop or a restaurant owner. I made my first commercial photos as a food photographer. I love cooking and eating out, trying all different kinds of cuisines, and I am so excited to share  my food pictures that I create in my own Instagram account @food.cast . I know how to represent food in an appetizing way and what props to use for each kind of food. My experience tells me that good food pictures attract many customers.
An Instagram blogger and influencer. Instagram blogging  is all about the good content and great photos. I know how to pick the right angle and how to process the photos for Instagram, how to highlight your style and your personality. With my experience as a graphic designer I can find the right colors combination, know how to create the composition. And as a blogger myself on Instagram, I am aware of its trends. I know what kind of photos Instagram wants and can help you to create such photos.
I never cease in trying new directions and developing my skills. Here are some other styles of photography I do and can help you with:
Child photography
Family photography
Event photography
Anniversary photography
Professional and business headshots
Studio photography
Commercial photography

My working tips
I believe the photographer cost not just includes the price of the camera. Being a professional, you also have to be an artist and a little bit of psychologist. Working as a photographer I learned how to become friends with my clients. My sense of humor and some working tricks help me to do that.
For example, you probably think that taking pictures of active children is the most challenging part for a child photographer. I solved this problem by using a squeaker nozzle for my camera. Children love it and pay me back with all their attention.
When I take pictures of infants, I always use a white noise machine. It creates a humming sound that calms my little models and I take their pictures while they sleep.
The hardest challenge for a family photographer is to make a man smile naturally. I have a solution for this in my tips kit too – just ask him to say “Whiskey” instead of “Smile”. A genuine smile will appear on his face even if he doesn’t drink.
During a wedding session, I always try to reduce the amount of stress for the newlyweds by becoming their friend. It’s common that I help a groom to tie a Bow Tie, or fix the bride’s hair and make-up. Once I even managed to save a wedding cake.
I include engagement sessions into all my wedding packs. It’s optional but see a big difference in working with a couple first time and second time. During the engagement session, a couple can feel my work and see how I teach them poses. They feel much more comfortable when I work with them the second time during a wedding. An engagement session is a small wedding session’s rehearsal.
photohrapher julia larina
I can’t be of service if
I discuss the photo session idea with the customer every time before we start. Sometimes it happens that I don’t know how to make some ideas come into life. In this case, I say it to my customer in a very honest way. It’s better for me to decline the job than letting my customer receive unsatisfying pictures.
Sometimes I am not sure if I am available for the time the customers want. I always notify the customer. If we can’t change the time, I will decline the job. I am very serious about my job and don’t want to let my clients down.
What to expect from me
I love challenges and nontraditional tasks. That’s why I treat each photo session as something new and interesting. I am a positive and energetic person, and it helps me to communicate with my models, make them feel relaxed and enjoy the process.
I believe that a good photographer’s work should impress people to the marrow of their bones, give reign to their imagination. This is the effect I try to achieve with each piece of my work. I want my customers to open the photo album many years after the photo session and plunge into the memories again, remember every small detail of their lives at that time.
Let’s dream together
Originally from Europe, I moved to the USA seven years ago. Traveling and a crave for changes is a part of my life and a source of my energy. You can find photos from the lavender fields of France and the tulip plantations of the Netherlands in my portfolio. I am always ready to follow you to any place on the planet. Share your most incredible ideas with me and most probably we will start booking plane tickets on the next day.
How to contact me
I live in Leesburg, Northern Virginia. If you want to order a photographer Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland, visit my website. Here is a whole list of places where you can book a photo session with me:
Washington DC
North Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
I am very outgoing and I love making new friends, so if you have any questions concerning my photo sessions or would just like to get to know me better you can always find me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram or Shutterstock. See the links in the Contact page. If you would like to book a photo session send me an email. I will get back to you within a day. If you are in a hurry just call me when it’s convenient for you.
Thank you!
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