Studio photography is considered to be one of the most sophisticated kinds of photography and technical features and points should be considered. I personally like to work in the studio as well as on location, but the studio has a lot of advantages for the customer and for me as a photographer as well. I am pretty sure that when you hear about the portraits or just the sessions in the studio, the first thing that pops up in mind is those pictures with artificial posing or some crazy fashion ones, that have little in common with the real world and real life. But of course it is not the only option. Studio on it’s own can become a powerful tool to create the pieces of art for the photographer. My goal is to get the best pictures and a studio photo session is one of the best options possible.
Some Myths Around the Studio Photography
There are a lot of myths about the sessions in the studio or if not myths but irrelevant, out of date information, so I have decided to make a little update and reply to the most commonly asked questions of my clients.
There’s an opinion that nice pictures with natural looks can be made only on location, while in the studio they will all look too artificial and unnatural. It is not true in that the “sense of being artificial” is created by incorrect light pattern, so it depends on the photographer mostly. There’s not the slightest need for you to know these patterns and so on, but your photographer has to be familiar with them. If the light pattern does not correspond to the initial idea of the shot or if it is set incorrectly you get these well-known unnatural looks and shot in general. Just so you know, it is one of the reasons why a lot of inexperienced photographers prefer working on location, using natural light. But my experience allows me to work efficiently in the studio. I personally adore different light patterns and know how to implement it according to our needs.
Another commonly shared opinion is that all the pictures in the studio will look weird. One of my friends said that the pictures in the studio look as if they were taken by his grandma in her wardrobe. I would like to explain what he meant, since I got him perfectly, while for a person not involved in photography on the everyday basis the concept he meant is not that vivid. So in short it is a reference to the pictures taken in the old fashioned studios following the out of date trends. And if there are a lot of low-quality pictures of this kind that exist, it means that all the shots in the studio will be like that. Of course this is not true. Believe me, if a photographer knows the main design and composition rules he can create a work of art in any environment. I know it from experience as I am not just a photographer, but a designer as well. So if you order a studio photo shot with me you can be sure in the quality of my work.
Studio sessions are boring, according to some polls on social media. Here I can just say that if a studio session is boring, change the photographer or your approach to the whole thing. The latter option works better, though. It does not matter whether you are in the studio or on location, if you do like what you are involved in, the whole process will be if not fun then a pleasant one. It is a creating of a work of art and you are a part of it, the most important one. Isn’t this idea exciting and thrilling? Just think about it like that and you will see the difference. Does something depend on the photographer? Sure, it does, but it is more about person-to-person thing. Yes, sometimes it happens that the photographer’s style and approach is not the one you find comfortable just for yourself and the whole work is done under this pressure. It does not necessary mean that the photographer has a lack of skill, no. In most cases it is about the tastes and preferences. As tastes differ, I always advise my might-be clients to look through my portfolio to check if they like what they see. Also please note the section about my approach, it is important here and helps to avoid misunderstandings.
The locations I work in
Surely I prefer do the studio photography in Washington DC as far I know the best places there. But if you do want to see me as your photographer, I can move here and there. I work in the locations, listed below, so please look through the list:
Washington DC
Northern Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
I prefer to meet or at least discuss the details in advance. It helps me to achieve the best results and work with maximum productivity. So in case you looked through my portfolio and liked it, read this section and still feel comfortable with my approach, do not hesitate to contact me over any possible way, including social media.
So if you are located in any of the areas, I will be glad to get in touch with you.
A few words about my approach as always
I always tell a lot about how I work and which set of rules try to follow and there’s a strong reason to it. Below I would like to mention the main milestones so you will know for sure if my approach is convenient for you and if you are OK with it.
So while working I am always attentive to the details. As a designer I know from the experience how much the decorations matter, especially if we are talking about the studio photography. So if you have doubts about the environment, you can rely on me. I know how the rules of composition work and will take the shots accordingly.
Secondly, I always try to assist if needed while working. So if you are OK with it – welcome on board. I do know how much energy the studio photography takes and how much strength demands from my clients, so assistance when needed is nearly the best gift.
My main goal is to catch the personality, especially if we are working in the studio. It is a common mistake – to think that studio photography does not demand this grip for personality from the photographer. On the contrary, good decorations can enlighten the human nature and make shots not just pictures, but the works of art.
Thank you!
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