The wedding day is a happy chaos, and there’s no wedding alike. Each of them is unique, with it’s own air, atmosphere, happy background. All should be perfect, no detail missed or overlooked, no unexpected thing happens. A lot of planning goes along with this day, and as a wedding photographer I do know my part in it. To look deep into your day, be in the right place in the right time, be a calm and relaxing spot in this ocean of whirling emotions – this is what I call my aim here.
Any wedding is a piece of the story, your story, and it is filled with traditions, as well as reflects your individuality, this special “something”, making you a couple, a new-to-be family. I do believe the key moments should be captures, preserved and carefully collected, so you can look at the pictures and remember the happiest day of your life.
However, the wedding day is not just the story of bride and groom though they are the key figures. There are always thousands of little stories and pieces of the picture behind the Big Events. I consider them to be an important part in the day flow. I can tell from experience that the tiny moments in-between are the fiber, making the relationships the way they are. And catching them is real art. The art I have mastered.
The philosophy I use for work
My approach allows to picture the day as it is, without over posing, artificial smiles and casual pictures with bored and tired faces. One of the keys to that is pre-session, taken a couple of days before the event.
What do you think about is asked your opinion about a good photographer? A person with camera and that’s it? Well, you are right, of course. But a good photographer differs from the bunch of relatives and friends with cameras, even the best ones. His works are pieces of value, they have an impact on people, they live and breathe with emotions. They make people feel, dream, make plans and feel the excitement, the taste of life as it is. This very skill to catch, grab and store the moment, preserve it and improve is what I personally consider to be the most important in a wedding photographer’s work. Once it was said that a good photographer should be an artist, a creator, a therapist and a businessman at the same time and it is difficult to object.
But if you ask me, I would add, that a good photographer has not just to catch the moment, but the emotions as well. If the shot does not sparkle with emotions, I consider it to be wasted, as far the most precious in a wedding day is your bright emotions.
Any wedding is a story
I do like traditional weddings. They require complete concentration and involvement in the process. All the skills, background and personal qualities should be involved into the work process. All cultures are unique and it makes this kind of weddings my favorite ones. I like challenges and each of them is, in a way, a task to complete.
In some cases, the couple is afraid that their wedding will be boring, not bright and gorgeous enough. But as a photographer with huge experience in working during the wedding days I can assure you, that there are no boring weddings. They simply do not exist, can’t exist, as far for anyone this day is special. I am well aware of the stress level in the air, especially when something goes not that smooth as expected. And here my task is to be this very piece of relax and anti-stress element. I am an open minded person with positive approach to anything. It helps me to find the common ground with my clients, distinguish their needs and fulfill expectations from the taken pictures.
Why ordering a wedding photographer is a better option?
Any couple decides from the beginning, if they are going to order a wedding photographer or let someone from the guests to play this part. I am here just to give you some reasons, why presence of a professional photographer is a win strategy.
Involvement. While working with a photographer, you can be 100% sure, that all his attention will be focused on you two, on the event. I would call it “a mind state of an artist”, when you track the flow of the events, are concentrated and attentive, involved not 100% but all 200% in the event itself. Any guest, no matter how good with the camera he is, comes to your wedding for relax, for fun, to enjoy the food, after all, and not to be all the time focused, picking the moments and being around any moment if needed. So here comes the first advantage of the wedding photographer – no moment will be missed and lost.
Quality. I do agree that in modern world to take a good shot has become a life skill of importance, but being just good with the camera and to know how to make a juicy selfie is not the same as being a professional photographer, working with light and composition, considering the minor details. After all, hiring a wedding photographer you can be sure that this person knows not just how to hold the camera. It is critically important to know not only what to shot, but how and when. And this comes only with experience.
Ethical side. Wedding pictures is something, that will remind you about this day long after it passes. Working with the photographer you will be 100% protected from unexpected cases and uncomfortable situations, connected with personal issues. Surely, for some people it is not that easy to relax in front of the camera, especially if it is held by the stranger. To avoid these issues, I advise to have a pre-session, even if it seems not needed. My experience tells that the quality of pictures increases dramatically if the couple sees me on the Big Day not for the first time.
My approach to upcoming work day
I adore decorating all around me, I would even call myself a person of art. So I implement my designer skills in wedding photography as well, especially if I see that the clients have some issues with that. I always advise to have a meeting before the event. It allows to figure out if we can find the common ground, if it is comfortable for the couple to be in my presence, if they can relax and start thinking of WHAT they do, not HOW.
In addition, the meeting helps to pick what the client really wants. Yes, there are cases, when people have no idea what they want to get in the end, how they see the pictures and the process itself. And here my part comes. I always try to help, to give some ideas regarding the topic, the set and the composition.
In some cases, the clients have a lot of ideas but have some difficulties in expressing them. So I ask to send me the pictures they like and analyze them to pick the common features, give some recommendations or even fix and correct some minor points in the set.
How to find me
If you are looking for the wedding photographer and are located in Washington DC, it’s perfect, as far it is my main location. Still, in case you like my portfolio and want to work with me, I can move around the following areas:
Northern Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
What is really important here – your intention to see me as your wedding photographer. I am open to communication, so feel free to contact me via social media, as well as messengers. My working hours are the following:
I try to answer as fast as I can, so if you did not get a reply within a couple of minutes, don’t worry, I will contact you back as soon as I can.
Thank you!
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