Holiday photography is one of the most exciting ones. I always say that I do love picturing alive, sparkling emotions. And the best opportunity to catch them is during the holidays. I do not know any single person who wouldn’t love spending time with family or just the holiday eve.
If you want to make some holiday a special one, you can order a holiday photography. My core principle in work is to picture not the static figures and artificial poses but people as they are. Pure joy, happiness, warmth of the loving hearts. All these things can be and should be captured so years after you can look through an album or a folder on your laptop and feel the same emotions, recalling the best moments. What can be better than to return to the days of happiness and joy? Holiday photo session can help you to do this travel back in time.
What holiday photo session is about
When talking about holiday photo sessions people always think they will be forced to sit still, make artificial smiles and boring posing. As a photographer of substantial experience I can state – this approach has died a couple of years ago. However, my personal style of processing the sessions and working with the clients make this kind of session nearly impossible.
I think the best in my job is to catch the moment. And to be able to do that I need to be around, in the whirl but not in the center of the event, as far so that the event is yours and my task is making pictures, not spoiling the holiday with numerous comments and advice, instructions and orders.
I give my clients an opportunity to enjoy each other’s presence, even if we do not have much time. You can believe me: when the clients are relaxed and order a holiday photography just for themselves, wanting to spend good time, the shots turn out to be the best.
Some reasons to order a photo session for the holiday
While offering people a holiday photo session I often hear something like an idea that it is not needed because they have a good camera on their smartphones and it will be enough. Technically, it might be enough, but just in the terms of gadget specifications.
There are some things, not a gadget can provide:
Your own presence on the pictures. Even if making selfies all the time, someone will definitely be outside of the shot. Years after it is always pleasant to look through the pictures or to show them to the loved ones so it would be a pity to be left behind the shots.
Skills. People might have good cameras, but not good skills. The light, composition and some technical specification – it is something only a professional photographer can provide.
An outside perspective. My experience shows that sometimes we do not notice the most important – casual glances, occasional smiles and petty talks, almost hidden smiles. However, those things, captured from the outside, can tell much more than thousands of words or artificial pictures.
Location is not a question
As far as I know a lot of people prefer to spend holidays somewhere around, so if you want to have a holiday photo session in Washington DC or somewhere around, it will not be a problem. I always say that I am an easy going person in my own and a photographer’s work is the one which requires this quality. So I usually work in the following areas:
Washington DC
Northem Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
So in case of any questions – do not hesitate to ask. I am here, ready to answer, always on line. If it is a day time, of course. You can contact me using any way convenient for you. So do not hesitate to contact me and ask all the questions, appearing in your mind.
Thank you!
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