Portrait photography is one of the most popular branches of photography itself and, frankly speaking, is the oldest one. It is one of the reasons why it is still so popular. One research found out that the most pleasant thing to look at is any person is themselves. So people tend to like their portraits and have this kind of photography.
But time is flowing and the rules and techniques which are used today differ from the ones which were used even ten years ago. The compositional trends changed a swell, while the basics remained the same.
As a photographer with substantial experience I can say that portrait photography is one of the most difficult but exciting kinds of photography in general. Here the photographer should implement all this skill and professionalism to get good shots. A lot of newcomers think that portrait photography is an easy and fast way to get a lot of clients but it does not work like that. In my opinion it is more difficult to get a good portrait shot than any other one, but it makes the work exciting, at least for me.
My approach and portrait photo sessions
I always say that I am an easygoing person, open to new suggestions and following the trends, but there is one thing I do not change no matter what. This thing is my initial approach to photography in general and it becomes critically important when it comes to work with people. I have established some rules and lines which I follow, and the most important one is creating pictures without this air of artificial joy which you can often see at the portraits. Everything is nice, beautiful, but does not seem true. So I set my goal to help my clients to relax, so I can avoid the tension is posture.
If you look through my portfolio you will see that my models all have something in common – they are relaxed and they do look happy. Looking at them it is not difficult to believe that they enjoy the process. It makes the second important feature of my approach – make people enjoy what is happening. I do understand that not anyone can feel relaxed in front of the camera, however sometimes people do not know what to expect or even treat the session as something needed, but not interesting. Yes, these cases also exist, believe it  or not. So I always try to make sessions as simple and friendly as possible.
And here comes the third milestone I settled for myself and offer my clients. I am an easygoing person and while working I establish connection with my client via communication. The success of portrait photography depends a lot on the connection between the model and the photographer. The reason is clear – if you are not working with a professional model, 99% of people do not know how they look in front of the camera better or how to pose naturally. So the better connection is, the better we understand each other, the higher the chances are to get good shots.
What you should know before
When you want to order a portrait photo session there are some things you should consider. I always provide a short set of recommendations and tips for my clients, so here they are.
Always get in touch in advance. Even though it does not seem like a big deal, believe me, half an hour of fruitful talks even over the phone regarding the client’s wishes and preferences can do a lot. First of all, it gives me the direction of where to move, what to prepare and how to conduct and rule the whole process. However, if you give me at least some hints of what you expect from the session and what result you want to get, I can do my job better, following your demands. As a result, you get a better customer experience and positive experience of working with a photographer, I get a loyal and happy customer. I think it is a win-win strategy.
If you are about to order portrait photography, I would advise you to do some minimum preparation. I am not talking about something difficult or unreasonable, no. But the first and foremost advice from me would be to have a good sleep the night before the session. It is obvious, I know, but we live in a world where we are forced to sacrifice sleep for some reasons, while a good sleep during the night can do the difference at the session the day after. As a photographer I can say from experience that the better my client slept the night before, the better shots we will get. The reason is simple – skin tone changes slightly when we do not sleep the needed amount of hours and the camera grabs it.
Pick the place. Technically for me as a photographer, there are two kinds of sessions – with artificial light and with natural light. It requires different equipment, so I would prefer to know in advance what we are about to do. However, the portrait photo session in the studio has its own specifics which should be taken into account. I can work either in the studio or in the location you pick there’s no problems at all. Each of the options have advantages which I will use to make the best shots and provide you a good experience.
The places where I work
As I said in the beginning, I am an easygoing person, open to everything new and to the short trips for work if needed. As a rule I do portrait photography in Washington DC, but can move to the locations listed further on:
Washington DC
Northern Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
If you looked through my portfolio and liked it, if you want to see me as your photographer or simply feel that my approach is what you personally need, just contact me and we will discuss all the questions. I will be glad to travel a bit in case we decide to work together and come up with some decision regarding out upcoming photo session.
I am active on social media, so you can contact me not just over the phone or email, but there as well. there are the links below, by the way. If I have some free time I always reply to the messages. So in case of any questions you can write me and I will answer all the questions regarding cooperation and portrait sessions.
Thank you!
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