If you asked me, what is the most exciting in any wedding photo session, I would tell that it is the moment, when a couple sees the pics for the very first time. But before it comes to that a lot of work should be done. My aim is to become 100% sure that the session is not a boring must-to-be-done, but an exciting part of the Main Event, something, that you will remember in years, share with your family and friends.
I always say that for me each wedding, each session and pre-session is unique. It is, first of all, about creating a masterpiece, a piece of art, not just an average bunch of pictures. This approach makes my work and each wedding photo session special. I do adore art, decorating all around me and bringing the air of sparkling joy into everything I touch. What can be better for an event like that?
A few words about me and my approach
If you want to order a wedding photo session, you are in the right place. I prefer to communicate with my customers in person, as far the more details I know, the better the result will be. As I said, each wedding is a unique event for me. I do not work with a flock of weddings at the same time, doing approximately the same postures and using casual hints which you can see in more or less any second set.
While working with people I always try to do my best and show their individuality in full. With the couples it works pretty much the same, and even more. Each couple has it’s own air, this invisible inner glow, and my task is to show it, to catch the moments where this glow becomes visible. This magic, I am not afraid to say, becomes possible only if people are relaxed and comfortable in my presence, in front of the camera and in front of each other as well. We all are different and the personal borders differ as well, that is why I always insist on pre-session.
Why I consider pre-session to be curtail
Pre-session is important and there are several reasons. While it can seem a not needed waste of time, as a photographer I can say the difference between the shots taken with and without pre-session.
Firstly, it allows me to know the couple better, to spot some features, tips and tricks they use. So at the Big Day I know for sure, what can make people relax, smile from the heart or come to a playful mood.
Secondly, my clients start getting used to my presence. It seems to be easy, but from my experience I can tell for sure that the more people are accustomed with me being somewhere around, the better pictures will be. And here is no any special secret. The thing is that the couple relaxes. No matter if we acknowledge it, the day of the wedding is one big stress. Why not to add something usual, even if it is your photographer?
Thirdly, we can try some ideas and locations and to see what will be the best. Sometimes we have to step aside from the initial plan and change the idea completely. It happens, and it is normal. Not everything, that seems nice in paper, turns out to be a good idea while it comes to fulfilling the task. So I always warn my clients about that to avoid unnecessary nerves. Relax is important, remember? It is the most curtail point for me as a photographer, as far my goal is to make the shots perfect. I prefer to find the best options beforehand, not during the wedding day itself.
If you are worried about the price of the wedding photo shoot and think this pre-session will cost you an additional piece of your budget, don’t be. It is included into the package which I offer. And it is completely up to you to decide, whether to use such an opportunity or not. Frankly speaking I try to explain, why it is important and worth the candles. As I said before, I treat each wedding as a unique event and a special occasion, as it is. And the best result can be achieved only if you know all pros and cons in advance.
Studio or pure nature?
It is up to you to take a wedding photo session in studio or in nature. Each option has its advantages.
Studio gives more opportunities to work with light, creating very atmospheric portraits, beautiful compositions and a lot of decorations. As far I adore decorate everything around me I see working in a studio as a perfect place to make the session unique, add some unusual features and elements upon request. I would advise to choose a studio session when you are not sure about the weather or if your Big Day is filled with different activities. Studio will provide a little place for relax, as far want you or not the wedding is not an easy day to spend.
Wedding photo session in nature is a classical option, where almost everything depends on the weather and chosen location. If you picked this option, pre-session is a must. I would strongly recommend to use this opportunity to find the best places and ideas for the session itself. There are a lot of beautiful locations for the wedding photo session in nature in Washington DC, so it is up to you to choose what you really want.
Please note, that I am open to travelling around, so upon your request the session can be organized wherever you prefer. I work within the following areas:
Washington DC
Northern Virginia
DMV area
Loudoun County
Fairfax County
Great Falls
Tyson Corner
Falls Church
You can contact me using the form on the website or reach me directly via any of the available messengers.
Thank you!
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