wedding reportage 

What do you think about while reading the line “wedding reportage”? 

I am pretty sure that in your mind, a bunch of pictures appear. I am almost certain that they have nothing to do with a real wedding photojournalist’s work. It is considered as something casual to call “reportage” any shots or series of shots when people do whatever they please not looking at the camera. It, however, highlights the issues with this kind of photographer’s work. I consider this approach to be not just wrong, but I would say that it is the reason why a lot of couples lose the opportunity to get beautiful pictures and I will tell you why.

If you ask couples who ordered a wedding documentary photograph, They will most likely tell you that they got just black-and-white shots of the guests or something like that and I have a feeling that this is wrong. I do consider this kind of session to be not just delicate, but filled with even more context and sense than it seems at first sight. 

The documentary shots are much more than just pictures of people not looking at the camera, as it was once called. They show captivating layers of human nature, relationships inside the family and in the couple itself that can become a source of unlimited warmth and happiness years after the wedding or engagement itself. So I have decided for myself that the ones ordering a wedding reportage and doing this amazing work with me, will get the pictures of the best quality possible. The quality of the moments depicted is also very important, not just the quality of the shots, the light, and the location, though these points are important as well.

What wedding reportage is about

My approach to documentary wedding photography is to tell the story. Each story is personal and unique, as well as each wedding. But if you are ordering a wedding photojournalist, you can be sure that the final pictures will be 100% unique. There is no pattern, no ready-to-use hints and ideas, that any photographer surely has. Here the photographer will have to show his storytelling skills first and foremost. To catch, grasp, and pick the moments, making the day. In most cases they have nothing to do with the ones taken during the casual photo sessions on the Big Day. 

So here comes one of the most important qualities for the photographer – an ability to be in the right place at the right time with the right approach. As I said, the eye for the story, the skill of telling it with shots is what I consider to be the essential component of success. Yes, composition and light can be instinctive or can be obtained with a lot of practice, but this eye for the story and capturing the perfect moments is something that can’t be gained

About my approach

Another point is a deep understanding of the clients’ needs. When a couple orders a wedding reportage they expect to have a set of pictures showing their day, but not being artificial. They expect to get pictures that would be “alive”, with no artificial posing or tired smiles. So I consider my main goal to be in the heart of the event and the action. Only this way of organizing a photographer’s work allows to create personal, unique images, to depict the “soul” and the inner self of the couple, of the new family created. From my experience, I can tell that the ones ordering a wedding reportage expect something different, something totally unique. And my goal as a photographer is to provide it. So there will be no posing, no separated pictures of the family and friends, no banal shots of the bride’s outfit. Just pure emotions, pure essence of the day. I do believe that my good communication skills help me to get natural, alive shots without sneaking or stealing the shots. So working with me you can just relax and enjoy your day. I will do the rest.

Clients' needs above all

I am located in Washington DC, so I can do a reportage wedding photography there. In case you like my work and want me as your photographer, no problem. I am an easy going person, always up to adventures. I can move if you are located in the following areas:

Washington DC
Northem Virginia
DMV area
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You can reach me via social media or by phone. Please note that I read all the messages and your requests will be attended to as soon as I have a spare moment. Feel free to contact me and I will gladly answer all your questions.

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